Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome to RecklessBackpacker

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the RecklessBackpacker page.  This page will be dedicated to the enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of backpacking and the great outdoors and some of the exciting adventures that I have shared with her.  I am a young but seasoned backpacker from the great state of Georgia and my trail miles are well into the thousands with many exciting, dangerous, and often comical adventures.  I have made many of the greatest memories of my life on these adventures and I would like to share them and the knowledge i have learned with anyone who is interested.  The most notable of my life accomplishments begins with a complete thru hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2010.  I have included a slideshow in this first episode to serve as an introduction to myself and one of my longer expeditions.  Foresight of this blog will include stories from the trail and a plethora of great backpacking/hiking/camping tips for hikers with and endless budget, hikers on the college budget, and ideas for constructing and fabricating your own gear for hikers with no budget!  I will include posts on hiking light and saving the knees and back yet maintaing all the essentail comforts for an enjoyable and warm trip.  Ideas for day/weekend/week+ hikes all over the entire east coast of the United States!  Gear reviews, natural navigation, awesome videos, + much more and most importantly I want to include ideas for pieces that yall want to hear about.  Please contact me immediately with any topics that you would like me to cover and i will gladly oblidge.

Thanks to everyone for reading and watching!

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